Boris Akunin – The Winter Queen

About the book

Moscow, May 1876. What would cause a talented student from a wealthy family to shoot himself in front of a promenading public? Decadence and boredom, it is presumed. But young sleuth Erast Fandorin is not satisfied with the conclusion that this death is an open-and-shut case, nor with the preliminary detective work the precinct has done‚Äďand for good reason: The bizarre and tragic suicide is soon connected to a clear case of murder, witnessed firsthand by Fandorin himself. Relying on his keen intuition, the eager detective plunges into an investigation that leads him across Europe, landing him at the center of a vast conspiracy with the deadliest of implications.

Review by Tuesday Tadley Library RG:

We felt it was tedious and took a long time for the story to evolve. We thought it may have been more exciting in the original language. None of us would read anything else by him.

Star rating: **

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1 thought on “Boris Akunin – The Winter Queen”

  1. Review by Novel Characters
    Boring to some! Fantasy! No characterisation! – characters just not deveoloped.
    Not recommended.
    Star rating: **

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