Yellow Dog by Martin Amis

About the book

Explores the complex lives of five very different men, including Xan Meo, a one-time familial paragon who suffers a personality change following a brutal assault, and King Henry IX of England, whose life is complicated by his incapacitated wife.

Review by Boaters Book Club:

Most found it a rambling, puerile, violent, horrible, vile, pornographic novel which used black humour and bad language causing confused reading especially due to the sentence construction. It was considered to show a jaundiced view of the World. We wondered why it was called “Yellow Dog”. The newspaper aspect was considered topical. No one would recommend it. 8 out of 10 did not finish it. No one enjoyed it, all found it an unpleasant read. All had expected more of Martin Amis, some thought he was on an ego trip with it.

Star rating: 0

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