Days of Hope by Lyn Andrews

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It’s 1945 and the war is finally over. For the Devlin family in Liverpool, the wartime years have been almost too much to bear. But at long last sisters Grace and Chrissie can return to their normal lives. Level-headed and hard-working, Grace wants nothing more than to meet a nice man and settle down. Vivacious Chrissie, though, craves fun and excitement – and there’s not much of that to be had in the austere post-war years. So when Chrissie meets Pat Kilroy, a handsome Irishman, she’s swept off her feet and eagerly follows Pat to Ireland. Chrissie soon realises she has made a terrible mistake, and Grace rushes to her side to help. But the consequences of Chrissie’s actions are to be as far-reaching as they are devastating.

Reviewed by Fawley/Holbury U3A reading group:

We all agreed that this is an extended ‘Mills and Boon’, with poor characterisation and an obvious story line. The happy ending was obvious, with no surprises. There was very little for a group to discuss – apart from how feeble the book is – and none of us felt inclined to read further books by this author.

Rating: 1 Star

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  1. Review by Novel Characters
    Mixed reviews. Some felt it too simplistic and the characters are not developed enough. However, some enjoyed it and found it descriptive.
    Wouldn’t recommend as a book club book
    Star rating: *

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