Raw Spirit by Iain Banks

About the book

As a native of Scotland, bestselling author Iain Banks has decided to undertake a tour of the distilleries of his homeland in a bid to uncover the unique spirit of the single malt. Visiting some of the world’s most famous distilleries and also some of its smallest and most obscure ones, Banks embarks on a journey of discovery which educates him about the places, people and products surrounding the centuries-old tradition of whisky production. Using various modes of transport – ferries to the islands, cars across the highlands, even bicycles between bus stops – Banks’ tour of Scotland combines history, literature and landscape in an entertaining and informative account of an exploration in which the arrival is by no means the most important part of the journey.

Reviewed by North Baddesley WI Reading Group:

The book received a mixed reception. Two members completed the book. One read to page 34. Others dipped in here and there. Two read the intro and felt the rest of the book was merely a repeat. Descriptions of Land Rover, Jaguars etc., not of great interest to any of our group. Some of us enjoy a drop of whisky but fear that Mr Banks may enjoy it rather more than we do. The travelling was of most interest and a map as part of the book would have been useful. We decided it was a book ‘FOR ADULT BOYS’

Star rating: *

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1 thought on “Raw Spirit by Iain Banks”

  1. Review by Petersfield U3A Book Circle 2 Reading Group:
    This book is only of interest to those people wanting to learn more about whisky. His account of a journey round the distilleries of Scotland is broken up with anecdotes about his various cars, the state of drunkenness of himself and his friends and descriptions of the countryside. Not a good read.
    Star rating: *


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