The Eye in the Door by Pat Barker

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London, 1918. Billy Prior is working for Intelligence in the Ministry of Munitions. But his private encounters with women and men – pacifists, objectors, homosexuals – conflict with his duties as a soldier, and it is not long before his sense of himself fragments and breaks down. Forced to consult the man who helped him before – army psychiatrist William Rivers – Prior must confront his inability to be the dutiful soldier his superiors wish him to be …

Reviewed by U3A Book Circle No 2 Reading Group:

Not a book to be enjoyed as it is very disturbing, but it gives a real insight into the traumas suffered by the young in the First World War, especially by pacifists, conscientious objectors and homosexuals. It provoked a lot of discussion and is well constructed and beautifully written.

Star rating: ***

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  1. Review by Lymington U3A Group 2 Reading Group:
    It would seem that if you have read Vol 1 , the second makes sense.,without this preparation Vol 2 was disappointing. Some members had read Vol 1 and felt that Vol 2 did not live up to expectations. The homosexual parts were gratuitous . This book is disjointed ,it’s sequences do not flow smoothly and as part of a trilogy it does not stand alone
    Star rating: *

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