Lazy Bones by Mark Billingham

About the book

It’s only ten days since Douglas Remfry’s release from prison, having served seven years for rape, and now he’s dead: naked on a bare mattress in a grubby north London hotel room, his head hooded and his hands tied with a brown leather belt. Someone knew he was coming out. Someone wanted to mete out some punishment of his own.¬† And when a second sex offender is found dead, DI Tom Thorne knows he has a vicious, calculating viliglante on his hands…

Reviewed by Tuesday Crew reading group:

Really enjoyed by one of our members, less so by the rest of us! Fast-moving, graphic, psychological thriller, minimal character development.

Star rating: **

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7 thoughts on “Lazy Bones by Mark Billingham”

  1. Review by Southampton U3A:
    All the members thought this book contained unnecessary bad language and explicit violence which was not necessary for the story.
    Star rating: *


  2. Review by Everton Reading Group:
    A sensational start and pace gathering finish – enjoyed by most of the group. Found the voices (some in italic) an interesting and useful device. Believable. Strong reactions from the group. Similar to Rankin and ‘Farraday’ in Graham Hurley in characterisation. Human needs and weaknesses come across well crafted. All were reluctantly hooked!
    Star rating: ***


  3. Review by Chilbolton Book Group II Reading Group:
    Generally the group did not enjoy this book. There was overuse of offensive language. We found the subject matter seedy and depressing. Some of the group were compelled to read to the end and found some of the writing good.
    Star rating: *


  4. Review by Koinonia Reading Group:
    Gripping, exciting. Good to ‘meet’ an empathic detective. Unusual unexpected ending.
    Star rating: ****


  5. Review by Fawley/Holbury U3A Reading Group:
    We had rather mixed feelings with this book; those of us who like the Crime/Detective genre thought it was quite good, but others less so. We liked Tom Thorne, and had a short discussion about crime novels in general but we felt that there was not a lot to talk about with this book specifically
    Rating: 2 Stars


  6. Review by Southside Reading Group:
    This was a challenging read for some of us as it was quite grim and violent in places. The storyline kept a good pace and had us gripped to the end. The number of characters was difficult to follow at first, however, we got to know them well as the story progressed and they were well rounded if not particularly likeable.
    Star rating: ***


  7. Review by Novel Characters
    The characters were not well developed therefore several members did not finish the book. The language left much to be desired and therefore the content did not hold our interest.
    * 1 star


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