Deep France by Celia Brayfield

About the book

Deep France is the diary of a writer’s year in a tiny French village, trying to meet her deadlines when a good thunderstorm could blow out the computer and there were always artichokes to pick. It’s a walk in teh swashbuckling footsteps of The Three Musketeers and King Henri IV, full of funny and perceptive anecdotes about the year in which France had to face the euro, the World Cup and Le Pen’s presidential campaign.

Reviewed by BBC Boaters Book Club:

It was considered to be: a poorly constructed book written by a smug author. Not everyone finished it.

Star rating: * – **

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1 thought on “Deep France by Celia Brayfield”

  1. Review by U3A Book Group 4:
    Delightful. We all enjoyed this book once we got through the first few pages.
    Star rating: ***

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