The Sixth Lamentation by William Brodrick

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What should you do if the world has turned against you? When Father Anselm is asked this question by an old man at Larkwood Priory, his response, to claim sanctuary, is to have greater resonance than he could ever have imagined. For that evening the old man returns, demanding the protection of the church. His name is Eduard Schwermann and he is wanted by the police as a suspected war criminal. With her life running out, Agnes Aubret feels it is time to unburden to her granddaughter Lucy the secrets she has been carrying for so long. Fifty years earlier, Agnes had been living in Occupied Paris, a member of a small group risking their lives to smuggle Jewish children to safety – until they were exposed by a young SS Officer: Eduard Schwermann. As Anselm attempts to uncover Schwermann’s past, and as Lucy’s search into her grandmother’s history continues, their investigations dovetail to reveal a remarkable story.

Reviewed by Entre Nous Reading Group:

A moving, sensitively written book full of surprises and reversals. Although it deals with the darkest episode in the twentieth century, ultimately it is a story of healing hope, with a moving family reunion ending the novel. Well worth reading.

Star rating: ***

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10 thoughts on “The Sixth Lamentation by William Brodrick”

  1. Review by Ace of Spades Reading Group:
    Moving novel with a fascinating storyline. Well written. Would like to see a film made of it.
    Star rating: ***

  2. Review by Weston Reading Group:
    Very much enjoyed by all members of group – recommend it to other groups.
    Star rating: ***

  3. Review by Liss Reading Group:
    Quite a good read but the general opinion was that the characterization was not very good and this led to problems with the plot. Well written, but another Le Carre?
    Star rating: **

  4. Review by Denmead Reading Circle Reading Group:
    Much chewed over. Most people wished to read it again, very interesting in the characters.
    Star rating: ****

  5. Review by Hedge End WI Reading Group:
    Most enjoyed this very complex and engaging book though one still disliked it on second attempt. Some characters were more believable than others. Once the trail started, it was an easier read – less complicating; a very unexpected ending.
    Star rating: ***+

  6. Review by Hayling Island U3A group 2:
    Difficult to first ‘get into’, but persevere and it becomes an excellent read with underlying currents of philosophy and the human spirit.
    Star rating: ***

  7. Review by Everton Reading Group:
    Complex in its characters with a plot which does not easily unravel. The journals written by Agnes neatly reveal the thrux of the story, while the description of her illness and death were very moving. Sinister subplots and realistic war trial highlights. An enjoyable, commanding read.
    Star rating: ***

  8. Review by Wallington Village Reading Group:
    Very confusing. Dense layers of stories. Had to keep referring to the list of principal characters. Interesting resolution. Liked it. Very fragmented. Needed to spend longer with each character.
    Star rating:***

  9. Review by Perspectives Reading Group:
    The whole group enjoyed this book, a real page turner, absorbing yet complex. Thought provoking – recommended read for any book group.
    Star rating: ****

  10. Review by Waterside Phoenix Reading Group
    The Sixth Lamentation is an amazing compelling read. The quality of the writing carries the reader through the complex, different threads woven into the main plot. The linking character Father Anselm surely must take his place among the greats in detective fiction and the writer’s literary quotations are a joy.
    Not light reading but a must for any serious group.
    Rating: ****

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