No Bones by Anna Burns

About the book

Every single night and every single day Amelia goes upstairs to look at her treasure: a miniature plastic sheep, a Black Queen chess piece, a penny prayer for serenity, a tube of glitter – and thirty-seven black rubber bullets she’s collected ever since the British Army started firing them…

Reviewed by Whitchurch Reading Group:

Horrible! Wonderful! Compelling! Disturbing! Worthwhile! Mixed reaction from loved it to hate it. It made the Irish Troubles very real.

Star rating: * to ***

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6 thoughts on “No Bones by Anna Burns”

  1. Review by The Olive Tree Reading Group:
    Generally several did not finish. What might have begun as a true picture of daily life in the ‘troubles’ collapsed into farcical scenarios. Still a compelling account of schizophrenia was told. The chapter on the YT Scheme was hilarious and altogether believable.
    Star rating: ***

  2. Review by Cheerful Bags Reading Group:
    Sorry but I am afraid we didn’t like this book – it was far too depressing.
    Star rating: *

  3. Review by Anton U3A Bookies Reading Group:
    Thought provoking book that created a lot of lively discussion.
    Star rating: *

  4. Review by October Books Reading Group:
    A challenging read which provoked mixed responses, although all agree she is a skilful writer and this is a striking first novel. Most found the violence and general misery excessive, although there is also much dark humour.
    Star rating: **

  5. Review by Denmead Reading Circle Reading Group:
    Powerful novel, repelling and interesting, appreciated for what it said but not enjoyed. Most felt writing good but too many characters to handle properly,
    Star rating: ***

  6. Review by Waterside WI Book Club
    This book did not go down well at all. The book was well written but hte subject was horrendous. Some members had nightmares. Not good.
    Star rating: *

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