Escape Route for Beginners by Kira Cochrane

About the book

Trapped on the tiny prison island where her father works as a correctional officer, 13-year-old Rita Mae Jones longs to escape. Rita Mae cannot understand why her alarmingly mismatched parents chose to come to this claustrophobic, brooding place ten years before. Even less can she understand why her emotionally repressed, socially ambitious mother and her fond but ineffectual father came to be married in the first place. But there are many things Rita Mae doesn’t understand about her family. A prison riot is the catalyst which kickstarts a series of shocking revelations as the Jones’ family’s disturbing secrets come tumbling into the open – with bizarre, alarming and wholly unexpected results.

Reviewed by Boaters Book Club:

The book resulted in mixed feelings. The sensational themes and characters (who were considered unreal) and the way it was written (like the time line) were repeatedly discussed. That it resulted in thoughts about life (the brothel), its standards (immigration) and peoples treatment were found interesting, however, generally it was disliked.

Star rating: *

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