Sleeping Beauties by Mavis Cheek

About the book

Tabitha’s Beauty Parlour is a haven. The women who cross its portals enter a perfumed world where never a hard note is struck. To Tabitha, Beauty is a broad canvas from which she will draw out what she can. But when Chloe, Tabitha’s trainee, sets out to prove that she can give her clients the makeover of a lifetime, the quest for feminine perfection achieves hilarious consequences . . .

Reviewed by Overton reading group:

Too crude. Clever premise but not easy to relate to. Witty but very sad.

Star rating: **

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6 thoughts on “Sleeping Beauties by Mavis Cheek”

  1. Review by Boaters Book Club:
    The book was seen as having excellent characterisations, these highlighted the insecurities of women and how good looks help. It was considered OTT, a farce, unbelievable but full of wit and stereotypical characters. Some considered it became “dark” with revenge being a major topic. All considered it a women’s book and expertly written.
    Star Rating: **

  2. Review by Monks Brook U3A Reading Group:
    Opinion was split between those who found it an enjoyable satire (very funny) and those who thought it was irrelevant rubbish. It stimulated a lively discussion on modern values.
    Star rating: **

  3. Review by Waterside Bookworms:
    Excellent book! Gave lots of opportunity for discussion! Amusing, well written and thoroughly enjoyable!
    Star rating: ****

  4. Review by Yateley Library:
    We generally enjoyed this book and agreed with the author’s sentiments about women and their addiction to beauty products. We thought the characters were well drawn and easy to imagine, but found the ending was rather an anti-climax with no real conclusion.
    Star rating: ***

  5. Review by Bishopstoke Reading Group:
    We didn’t rate this very highly. It didn’t raise many laughs. Some of the characters were unbelievable, the only one that people really connected with was Chloe. It was felt the references to art, beauty products and history were artificially introduced, not natural. I recommended it as I have read several others but this is not as good.
    Rating: **

  6. Review by Petersfield U3A Book Circle II:
    A book of little merit. Unrealistic characters and the fragmented storyline does not keep the interest going. Literary illusion does nothing to help us believe in the main character. There are moments of humour but this is over laboured and sometimes risqué.
    Rating: *

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