What looks like Crazy on an Ordinary Day by Pearl Cleage

About the book

Ava Johnson has had a decade of wild living in Atlanta and now she’s returning to her home town of Idylwild in Michigan, her fabulous career plans in tatters. Ava is certain that Idylwild is the end of the road for her, but instead it turns out to be a new beginning. She falls for Eddie, a tough, but tai-chi-practising, Vietnam veteran; she rediscovers her relationship with her recently widowed sister Joyce; she supports the town’s teenage mothers. But Ava also makes enemies. The Reverend and his formidable wife seem determined to drive her out of town. But what secrets are they hiding?

Reviewed by Abbotts Ann reading group:

We all enjoyed this book very much. Characterisation excellent and it made us all want to go to sit by the lake in Idlewild. Good ending.

Star rating: ***

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4 thoughts on “What looks like Crazy on an Ordinary Day by Pearl Cleage”

  1. Review by Ladies of an Age:
    We all loved this! Great story, warm characters and a novel point of view for looking at living with Aids.
    Star rating: ****


  2. Review by Boaters Book Club:
    Most really enjoyed it, especially the descriptions like the sewing circus amongst the many others. We felt the book was told from the author’s point of view. It was seen as very realistic with interesting moralistic overtones. It had an excellent storyline, with an insight into being HIV positive or a drug addict, although the “bad” language was not liked. However some found it predictable, boring with everything negative about black people’s life included. All found it well written, enjoyable and a page turner.
    Star rating: ***+


  3. Review by Ems Valley U3A
    Very mixed reactions. All thought it very punchy with some put off by the language and imagery. Others thought it could not be put down and it provoked much discussion.
    Rating: **


  4. Review by Stubbington Book Ends
    Enjoyed by the whole group. This book addressed several social situations, still relevant today, with interesting and believable characterisations. A happy ending too!
    Star rating: ***


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