I Heard The Owl Call My Name by Margaret Craven

About the book

Mark Brian, a young Anglican priest who has not long to live, is sent to the Indian village of Kingcome in the wilds of British Columbia. While sharing the hunting and fishing, the festivals and funerals, the joys and sorrows of a once-proud tribe, Mark learns enough of life to be ready to die. On a cold winter evening when he hears the owl call his name, Mark understands what is to come . . . An outstanding and much-acclaimed first novel. The author’s perception, wisdom and insight give her unique story the quality of a legend or fable.

Reviewed by Woodlands Reading Group:

All the members found this a most moving book. A well written simple story, and agree with the Telegraph review possessing ‘a rare clarity and simplicity’

Star rating: ****

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11 thoughts on “I Heard The Owl Call My Name by Margaret Craven”

  1. Review by Milford Reading Group:
    A book which we all thoroughly enjoyed and one which we would like to own. Written very simply but very evocative of the times and peoples.
    Star rating: ****


  2. Review by Earls Close Reading Group:
    Everyone enjoyed this book. We found it moving and quite profound in the descriptions of life and death in the villages. It was refreshing to read about the gentle characters in the Canadian Indian Community.
    Star rating: ****


  3. Review by Cowdray Reading Group:
    Enjoyed by most older members, who found the simplicity delightful. Younger members didn’t feel empathy with the characters or way of life. The language was simple, writing flowed, and with insights about history of the community. Charming!
    Star rating: ***


  4. Review by Page Turners Reading Group:
    There was a mixed review from our group it was generally felt to be an interesting account of the life of this Indian village and we all felt for the young priest but the characters were not given enough depth and it was quite a difficult and sad read.
    Star rating: ***


  5. Review by Bookworm Bunch Ringwood Reading Group:
    Delightful – thought provoking, comforting, and excellent book enjoyed by everyone in the group.
    Star rating:****


  6. Review by Stubbington Bookends
    A modest book that deals with the fundamentals of life and the way that different societies approach life. Ultimately the book is about love, friendship and fellowship.
    Star rating: ***


  7. Review by Reading between the lines
    A peaceful, pleasant book to read despite the theme. Delightfully short and reflective. The antithesis to action.
    Star rating ***


  8. Review from Fareham 5:30 Reading Group
    With one exception we all really enjoyed this book – a slow and gentle novel that explores life, death, and the values that are important to us. We enjoyed the beautiful language – especially the descriptions of the seasons and the rythms of life. There are also delightful snippets of humour. We liked the way the author shows, rather than tells. We agreed that it helped our appreciation of the book to read about how Margaret Craven had come to write the book. Oh, and we found the cover off-putting – a bit dull. Our scores were from 1 to 4. so we settled on three and a half.


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