Nurse on Call by Edith Cotterill

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Training in a hospital in the 1930s, Edith Cotterill’s long hours on the wards included encouraging leeches to attach to patients (a task much harder than you might think) and the disposal in the furnace of amputated limbs. Although hospital life did have its compensations – it was there during World War 2 an injured sailor who became her husband. After the birth of their two daughters, Edith returned to work in the 1950s as a district nurse. Whether she was ridding ageing spinsters of fleas or dishing out penicillin and enemas, Edith approached even the most wayward of patients with humour, compassion and warmth.

Reviewed by Monks Brook U3A Reading Group:

An enjoyable, nostalgic read. Did the author use some poetic licence to make some of the events funnier we wondered?

Rating: 4 Stars

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2 thoughts on “Nurse on Call by Edith Cotterill”

  1. Review by Denmead Reading Circle
    One of the most appreciated books we have had in the circle. Well written, very funny, informative and serious; real life vividly observed.
    Star rating ****

  2. Fareham 5:30 Reading Group
    This was a disappointing read. The book is a series of interesting and often funny anecdotes, rather than a story. The start (recent event before going back in time) didn’t help or add anything. We did find it an interesting social history, p[articularly on nurse training. But there was no reflection from the author and we didn’t really engage with her. When at the end you find out why she wrote this, you understand her motives….but it still needed some massive editing. 2 stars

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