Narrow Dog to Carcassonne by Terry Darlington

About the book

When they retired Terry and Monica Darlington decided to sail their canal narrowboat across the Channel and down to the Mediterranean, together with their whippet Jim. They took advice from experts, who said they would die, together with their whippet Jim.
On the Phyllis May you dive through six-foot waves in the Channel, are swept down the terrible Rhône, and fight for your life in a storm among the flamingos of the Camargue. You meet the French nobody meets – poets, captains, historians, drunks, bargees, men with guns, scholars, madmen – they all want to know the people on the painted boat and their narrow dog.You visit the France nobody knows – the backwaters of Flanders, the canals beneath Paris, the heavenly Yonne, the lost Burgundy Canal, the islands of the Saône, and the forbidden ways to the Mediterranean. Aliens, dicks, trolls, vandals, gongoozlers, killer fish and the walking dead all stand between our three innocents and their goal – many-towered Carcassonne.

Reviewed by Shipton Bellinger WI Reading Group:

Amusing with some ‘laugh out loud’ patches, however some of us found the writing style somewhat offputting. The lack of speech marks became confusing at times. It was, however, enjoyable.

Star rating: ***

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3 thoughts on “Narrow Dog to Carcassonne by Terry Darlington”

  1. Review by Wallington Village reading Group:
    Our group was divided with some hating the style while others thought the book was OK for the author’s family to read but not for the general public. Opinion divided too about the humour. Some thought it was funny and laughed out loud while others thought it was contrived. Some thought it too long while others thought it rattled along. Poor punctuation annoyed all. Author very well read. A slice of life poking gentle fun at the French.
    Rating **/***

  2. Review by Everton Reading Group:
    A mixed response varying from ‘really enjoyed 4’ to ‘hated 0’. The style led to discussion as did the humour – or lack of it, depending on the viewpoint. ‘Best read at one sitting’ said one member.
    Star rating: **

  3. Review by Denmead Reading Circle
    Magnificent. One of the best we have ever had. Such easy humour – what a well read person. Waiting for his next book!
    Star rating: ****

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