The Element of Water by Stevie Davies

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In pre-war Germany, two boys grow up together inseparable. However, as adulthood approaches and Nazism continues its inexorable march, Dahl and Quantz can no longer reconcile their childhood friendship as one becomes an SS officer and the other a pawn in the intelligence unit. Thirteen years later, their children meet: a woman and a man exposed to the sins of their fathers.

Reviewed by New Forest/Waterside U3A Theatre and Literature group:

The group gave this book an average rating of three stars: however, it engendered much wider and deeper discussion than most people had anticipated. The author’s use of language with poetic precision phased some people who found their reading slowed by their constant need to refer to the dictionary. With a light use of punctuation reminiscent of William Faulkner, readers found it took three to four chapters more than usual to ‘get into’ the book and several missed the subtleties in the interplay of the character development. Having recently read HAMER’S WAR they were ready to consider the possible reasons for the Nazi ability to sway a large part of the German population.

Star rating: ***

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  1. Review by Hawkley Book Group:
    Very slow to start, quite informative of the period. Not brilliantly written for such a qualified writer. Completed by all in the group.
    Star rating: **

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