The Taxi Driver's Daughter by Julia Darling

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When her mother is sent to prison for three months for assaulting a policeman with a stiletto shoe, fifteen-year-old Caris goes gently off the rails. Whilst her taxi-driver father Mac attempts to keep the family together, Caris meets George, a boy from the other side of the vale and from a very different sort of family. Their relationship leads her away from school and what she has known, into a new and unnerving world – and looks set to throw the family into terrifying chaos. Julia Darling’s acclaimed novel blends the gritty and the everyday with the evocative and the enchanting, to create an original, inventive and often moving portrayal of family ties, suburban life, love and growing up.

Reviewed by Whitchurch Book Group:

We all liked it very much, a tragic but at times funny story, well written and good characters. Would recommend it.

Star rating: ***

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5 thoughts on “The Taxi Driver's Daughter by Julia Darling”

  1. Review by Blackwater Valley U3A Reading Group:
    Very descriptive and readable. Characterization good and modern so easy to identify with. We all liked this one!
    Star rating: ***

  2. Review by KYC Reading Group:
    We all enjoyed this book. It was an easy read with clever, well drawn characters – not too many characters too. The family relationships were well explored and there is a good sense of place.
    Star rating: ***

  3. Review by New Forest/Waterside U3A Reading Group:
    This turned out to be a ‘something for everyone’ novel. For once the group voted for a three star rating before we had settled in to discussing the book. The locations were beautifully convincing, the characters so typical of their roles and the motivations ultimately understandable. Not everyone responded to the subtle wit Julia Darling weaves into her telling of the story but for whatever reasons, all agreed it was a good read.
    Star rating: ***

  4. Review by Itchen Reading Group:
    This book is about a family whose mother goes to prison for a few months after stealing a shoe. Her family starts to fall apart in her abesence. It is well written, though we feel with many themes for discussion. An excellent choice for a book group. However, there was quite a lot of criticism from some members who felt that it was not realistic and did not reflect modern society.
    Star rating: **

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