The Commitments by Roddy Doyle

About the book

Barrytown, Dublin, has something to sing about. The Commitments are spreading the gospel of the soul. Ably managed by Jimmy Rabbitte, brilliantly coached by Joey ‘The Lips’ Fagan, their twin assault on Motown and Barrytown takes them by leaps and bounds from the parish hall to the steps of the studio door. But can The Commitments live up to their name?
The bestselling book behind the long-running West End stage show.

Reviewed by Knackered Mums Reading Group:

We’re glad we read it, and now want to watch the film and see how it compares.

Star rating: ***

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5 thoughts on “The Commitments by Roddy Doyle”

  1. Review by Hartley Readers:
    In general it was felt to be a good amusing book, well constructed and poignant at times. It was felt it would make an excellent film script. Two members disliked it and could find nothing to commend it.
    Star rating: ***


  2. Review by The Museum Group Reading Group:
    This book provoked a lively discussion. Six members did not find reading it rewarding. They disliked the language and found the subject difficult. One member reading it for a second time, found it just as funny this time. Another member found the first chapters difficult at first but then the language and characters became real and she loved the story and format. All found the characterisation good.
    Star rating: *


  3. Review by New Forest/Waterside U.3.A Theatre & Theatre Group:
    Reactions to this book were more diverse than for any other book the group have read in the past eighteen months. It generated ninety minutes of lively discussion. Several readers found the language too much to deal with and quit at varying points. The general style of writing and the use of UPPER CASE for the song lyrics (?) had a mixed reception. Some thought it read more like a play than a novel. Of the readers who stayed the course most found it funny, incisive, quite believable and with hopeful ending. The characters were drawn with clarity and precision and developed appropriately. Definitely not a book for everyone but a book every serious reader should try.
    Rating: **


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