The Sea Lady by Margaret Drabble

About the book

Humphrey and Ailsa meet as children by a grey, northern sea. Humphrey is quiet, serious – and will in time explore the sea’s mysteries; Ailsa is angry, a freckled cobra ready to strike. Yet they fascinate one another and when they meet again years later they fall briefly – and disastrously – in love. Half a lifetime passes before Humphrey and Ailsa’s paths finally re-cross. What will each make of their past? And of the future?

Reviewed by Petersfield U3A Book Circle 3:

One person really enjoyed it, the rest enjoyed various parts especially the childhood scenes at the beginning. It was agreed that the author must have done an enormous amount of research. Much discussion took place.

Star rating: **

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2 thoughts on “The Sea Lady by Margaret Drabble”

  1. Review by The Benches Reading Group:
    The novel was not an easy read and contained some rather unnecessary verbose paragraphs. The childhood reminiscences were well described and we were unanimous with this part of the book. A minority of the group thought that they would read another of Ms Drabble’s titles though.
    Star rating: *

  2. Review by Anon reading Group:
    Technically excellent – disappointing ending! Wonderful evocation of childhood and observations on changing society in Britain during last half century. Regret and loss are predominant themes as well as coming to terms with your life as you face ageing and death.
    Star rating: ***

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