In the Company of the Courtesan by Sarah Dunant

About the book

With their stomachs churning on the jewels they have swallowed, the courtesan Fiammetta and her companion dwarf Bucino escape the sack of Rome. It’s 1527. They head for the shimmering, decadent city of Venice. Sarah Dunant’s epic novel of sixteenth-century Renaissance Italy is a story about the sins of pleasure and the pleasures of sin, an intoxicating mix of fact and fiction, and a dazzling portait of one of the worlds greatest cities at its most potent moment in history.

Reviewed by Goodworth Clatford WI reading group:

Very well written, vivid, characters lived. Setting familiar to those who had been to Venice. Language crude but fitted the time and scene.

Star rating: ***

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4 thoughts on “In the Company of the Courtesan by Sarah Dunant”

  1. Review by White Lion Reading Group:
    The majority really enjoyed this book. Rich, lush writing. Learnt a lot about the history of the time, and it brought Venice to life. We wanted a sequel. Very clever writer.
    Star rating: ***+

  2. Review by Elson Readers:
    Excellent historical research. Some felt it was too padded out. Most enjoyed a rollicking good yarn.
    Star rating: ****

  3. Review by Entre Nous Reading Group
    The descriptions of Venice were particularly evocative for readers who had visited the city. The reading group as a whole did not enjoy the book finding the storyline disjointed in the portrayal of characters and insufficent variations of events to sustain interest.
    Rating: **

  4. Review by Totton 2 Book Club
    We enjoyed this book and learnt some aspects of history that we were unaware of. Some members of the group would have liked a better storyline.
    Star rating: ***

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