Snow Storms in a Hot Climate by Sarah Dunant

About the book

Is Elly’s love affair with a New York cocaine dealer too deep and dark to be broken – even by an old friend? When Marla responds to Elly’s call from America she finds herself ensnared in the twilight world of drug smuggling. Though she thinks she can see through the lies, Marla too begins to get sucked in, equally fascinated and repelled by Lenny, master of the cocaine circuit. In the end, who is she most frightened of – the drug or her ‘golden boy’ Lenny? Obsession, betrayal and revenge twist into an ever-tightening knot in this tense psychological tale.

Reviewed by The Cheerful Bags reading group:

We liked the style of writing, very readable book. Kept you guessing until the end. references to lots of things and descriptive narrative was excellent – you could really ‘picture’ the places and people.

Star rating: ***

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3 thoughts on “Snow Storms in a Hot Climate by Sarah Dunant”

  1. Review by Anton Bookies:
    An easy read, mixed reception from the group. Refreshing change from previous books read. The book lets you draw your own conclusions as to the real involvement of each of the characters.
    Star rating: **

  2. Review by Museum Book Group:
    As a read it is a real page turner, kept one guessing. We did not really enjoy this book, felt the characters were rather shadowy.
    Star rating: **

  3. Review by Fawley Reading Group
    We all enjoyed this book with very complex characters and twists and turns in every chapter.
    Star rating: ****

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