Transgressions by Sarah Dunant

About the book

Elizabeth Skorvecky has just come out of a long-term relationship with her boyfriend. Alone in her Victorian house, her only companions are her cat, a trashy crime novel she’s translating from Czech, and her music. As the summer ends and the days draw in, unsettling things begin to happen. First it’s just a missing CD, then music playing in an empty kitchen at midnight, then a table laid for breakfast for two. Poltergeist? Insanity? When Elizabeth wakes at four in the morning to find a man sitting at the end of her bed, she knows, sickeningly , she’s very sane – and being stalked. She also discovers that the means of surviving can be just as shocking as surrender.

Reviewed by Monks Brook U3A reading group:

Distasteful, gratuitous, violence, unpleasant, misogynistic attitude towards women, with no justification within the plot; weak ending, things didn’t tie up – inconsistencies within the story. This has put us off reading anything else by this author.

Star rating: *

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