Memory Keeper's Daughter by Kim Edwards

About the book

Families have secrets they hide even from themselves… It should have been an ordinary birth, the start of an ordinary happy family. But the night Dr David Henry delivers his wife’s twins is a night that will haunt five lives for ever. For though David’s son is a healthy boy, his daughter has Down’s syndrome. And, in a shocking act of betrayal whose consequences only time will reveal, he tells his wife their daughter died while secretly entrusting her care to a nurse. As grief quietly tears apart David’s family, so a little girl must make her own way in the world as best she can.

Reviewed by New Forest/Waterside U3A Reading Group:

A well crafted, thought provoking story which being discussed, highlights how attitudes have altered in the past forty years. Not surprisingly with a large group (18) most of the moral break points have been experienced by someone in the group prepared openly to describe personal events and consequences. Kim Edwards writes beautiful English but is inclined to over-do minute descriptive details of scenery and characters behaviour. Predictably, some within the group felt that ‘tying up the ends’ is rushed. A good book for group reading.

Star rating: ***

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5 thoughts on “Memory Keeper's Daughter by Kim Edwards”

  1. Review by Boaters Book Club:
    Most (8/11) enjoyed it although some found the open ended far fetched aspects annoying. Most found it aroused emotions and enjoyed anticipating the end finding it a fascinating story line reflecting 60’s life. Also most found it descriptive, well written and a compulsive read. However 3/11 really disliked it.
    Star rating: ***


  2. Review by Lee Reading Group:
    Enjoyed by most of our group and instigated a lively discussion. We all found the characters believable, a few enjoyed the way the story was woven around them – sympathies more with Caroline and Phoebe than David and Norah. A tale about how one decision made in a moment affects so many lives.
    Star rating: ***


  3. Review by October Books:
    All agreed that the basic plot is an excellent idea. Opinions varied as to how successful the characterisation is, but in general an interesting read.
    Star rating: ***


  4. Review by Andover HIP Reading Group
    In parts too wordy. Interetsing characterisation of the 1960s in America.
    Rating: **


  5. Review by Morningtide WI – Lee-on-the -Solent
    A story about a mother in the USA who gave birth to twins, one of whom had Down’s Syndrome and what happens subsequently.
    Well written and a stroy that interested the whole group.
    *** 3 stars


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