Stark by Ben Elton

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Stark is a secret consortium with more money than God, and the social conscience of a dog on a croquet lawn. What’s more, it knows the Earth is dying. Deep in Western Australia where the Aboriginals used to milk the trees, a planet-sized plot is taking shape. Some green freaks pick up the scent: a pommie poseur; a brain-fried Vietnam vet; Aboriginals who have lost their land…not much against a conspiracy that controls society. But EcoAction isn’t in society: it just lives in the same place, along with the cockroaches. If you’re facing the richest and most disgusting scheme in history, you have to do more than stick up two fingers and say ‘peace’.

Reviewed by Bramshaw WI Book Club:

We all found the message of this book very serious and also enjoyed the humour in it but some members found the language distressing. Also some did not like such short chapters with so many changes of subject.

Star rating: ***

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1 thought on “Stark by Ben Elton”

  1. Review by Shipton Bellinger W.I.:
    Hard to get into as it is rather disjointed. Not an easy read. The book made us think and discuss the environment but it did have some lighthearted moments. The group had mixed feelings about this book to the extent that a large majority did not finish it
    Rating: **

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