The Good Soldier by Ford Madox Ford

About the book

The Good Soldier is a masterpiece of twentieth-century fiction, an inspiration for many later, distinguished writers, including Graham Greene. Set before the First World War, it tells the tale of two wealthy and sophisticated couples, one English, one American, as they travel, socialise, and take the waters in the spa towns of Europe. They are ‘playing the game, in style. That game has begun to unravel, however, and with compelling attention to the comic, as well as the tragic, results the American narrator reveals his growing awareness of the sexual intrigues and emotional betrayals that lie behind its façade.

Reviewed by Fareham WEA Reading Group:

Very polarised reactions, from admiration to contempt, but it gave us plenty to talk about. It’s not a long book but it is quite dense, and some things need a second reading before they make sense.

Star rating: ***

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3 thoughts on “The Good Soldier by Ford Madox Ford”

  1. Review by The Olive Tree Reading Group:
    Mixed reception. A good read – clever if convoluted. Interesting commentary on the times (1915) especially his background with the pre-Raphaelites. Very good introduction.
    Star rating: ***


  2. Review by Godshill WI
    This book was dire! Not one of our memebers enjoyed it. Its only redeeming feature was that it was set locally but we couldn’t establish why.
    Star rating: *


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