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Familiar Rooms in Darkness by Caro Fraser

About the book

The voices which are still talking at the end of someone’s life don’t tell the whole story. The ones that have fallen silent along the way, the people from forgotten parts of a person’s past- they tell another kind of truth. Harry Day was a national literary treasure, revered for his poetry, novels and plays. But his personal life has remained something of a mystery. When Adam Downing, a young journalist, is appointed his official biographer, he finds that Harry’s life holds an abundance of secrets. Adam is torn between wanting to protect Harry’s reputation and his instincts as a journalist, which drive him to tell the truth at any cost. Even at the cost of losing the admiration and friendship of Harry’s beautiful daughter Bella. For Harry’s biggest secret involves Bella, the woman with whom Adam is falling in love.

Reviewed by Hedge End WI Reading Group:

This book was well received with a good story and characterization. It was suggested there could have been more depth in some of the principal characters. The French atmosphere was well defined. Interesting ending – different opinions about what might happen.

Star rating: ***

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2 thoughts on “Familiar Rooms in Darkness by Caro Fraser”

  1. Review by WI Reading Group:
    Beautifully written, Every character well described. Good story. Could easily be taken from a true story it is that brilliant! The humour is one you can connect with.
    Star rating: ****


  2. Review by New Forest Waterside U3A Theatre and Literature Reading Group:
    An easy read but packed with complications tending to stretch our group to the edge of credable acceptance. It did produce discussion in predictable areas but the group (all female) avoided the topic of Harry’s past excursions over the socially acceptable line. This was summed up with the belief that their husbands would not read such a book!
    Star rating: **


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