Cold Mountain by Charles Frazier

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Turning his back on the carnage of the Civil War, Inman begins the treacherous journey home to Cold Mountain, and to Ada, the woman he loved before the war. As he crosses the devastated landscape of the South, Ada struggles to make a living from the land. Neither knows if the other is still alive.

Reviewed by Biscuits, Books and Banter Reading Group:

90% of group loved this book. The detailed descriptions and the authors prose delighted us. Each scene was described as a picture of words and even the more unpleasant scenes were handled well. A good read which made us think.

Star rating: ***

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3 thoughts on “Cold Mountain by Charles Frazier”

  1. Review by White Lion Reading Group:
    Most of the group really enjoyed this novel. Very well written. The contrast between Ada – Ruby and Inman was well done. we felt we were on the journey with him. Those who haven’t seen the film are now keen to see it.
    Star rating: ***

  2. Review by Havers Reading Group:
    Although it was decided the book was well written, it was considered tedious to read with so much environmental description. It was also considered too violent.
    Star rating: ***

  3. Review by Ems Valley U3A
    We all liked the description of Inmans somewhat drawn out journey. We felt the characters were well drawn and had empathy with them. Some gruesome descriptions of death and murder and also the effect The Civil War had on ordinary people, trying to cope with life with the very bare necessities.
    Rating: ***

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