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Rough Music by Patrick Gale

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Julian as a small boy is taken on the perfect Cornish holiday. When glamorous American cousins unexpectedly swell the party, however, emotions run high and events spiral out of control. Though he has been brought up in the forbidding shadow of the prison his father runs, though his parents are neither as normal nor as happy as he supposes, Julian’s world view is the sunnily selfish, accepting one of boyhood. It is only when he becomes a man – seemingly at ease with love, with his sexuality, with his ghosts – that the traumatic effects of that distant summer rise up to challenge his defiant assertion that he is happy and always has been.

Reviewed by  LGBT Reading Group:

A complicated story but rewarding if you persevere. Good insights on family life, the effects of secrets and Alzheimer’s.

Star rating: ***

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1 thought on “Rough Music by Patrick Gale”

  1. Review by Jennie’s Friends Reading Group:
    We found the book disjointed – probably the effect of it having been written as six novellas. We liked the descriptions – very evocative of the time and it brought out much interesting discussion in the group.
    Star rating: **

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