Never Go Back by Robert Goddard

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Harry Barnett thought he had left his military career behind, so he is startled when two figures from his past turn up on his doorstep after fifty years. An old friend has organised the reunion to end all reunions: a weekend in the Scottish castle where the ex-comrades took part in a psychological experiment many years before. They haven’t seen each other since. As they set off on their all-expenses-paid jaunt to Aberdeen, the old friends are in high spirits. But the cheerful atmosphere is quickly shattered by the apparent suicide of one of their party. When a second death occurs, a sense of foreboding descends on the group. It appears that the past is coming back to haunt them, a past that none of them have ever spoken about. Their recollections are all frighteningly different. So what really happened? Then when one of them uncovers an extraordinary secret, he becomes convinced that they will never leave the castle alive…

Reviewed by  J.A.P.As Reading Group:

All enjoyed this book. It was an easy read although at times it was difficult to keep up with all the different character’s nicknames. We all agreed we would like to read another of his books.

Star rating: ***

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1 thought on “Never Go Back by Robert Goddard”

  1. Review by New Forest Waterside U3A Theatre and Literature Reading Group:
    Probably the least regarded of all the books we have had from library stock, but a discussion of its shortcomings proved fruitful. Too much confusion over the nicknames of the characters dampened early enticement for the reader to continue reading. Identification with any of the main characters was difficult though we did recognise the stereotypes. The plot was pure Thirty Nine Steps, the red herrings Agatha Christie and the dialogue reminiscent of 1930’s boys weeklies. However once started the story romped home to a fairly safe ending.
    Star rating:**

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