Ruth by Elizabeth Gaskell

About the book

Ruth Hilton is an orphaned young seamstress who catches the eye of a gentleman, Henry Bellingham, who is captivated by her simplicity and beauty. When she loses her job and home, he offers her comfort and shelter, only to cruelly desert her soon after. Nearly dead with grief and shame, Ruth is offered the chance of a new life among people who give her love and respect, even though they are at first unaware of her secret – an illegitimate child. When Henry enters her life again, however, Ruth must make the impossible choice between social acceptance and personal pride. In writing Ruth, Elizabeth Gaskell daringly confronted prevailing views about sin and illegitimacy with her compassionate and honest portrait of a ‘fallen woman’.

Reviewed by  Arle Reading Group:

We were all glad that we had read it, but often found it hard going. Although it exposed the hypocrisy of Victorian morality, we felt that there were themes that are still relevant today.

Star rating: ***

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1 thought on “Ruth by Elizabeth Gaskell”

  1. Review by Perspectives Reading group:
    It is a well written book albeit a bit intense which made it a bit difficult to get into. Very much reflects the stigman of being an unmarried mother at that time.
    Star rating: **plus

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