The Flood by Maggie Gee

About the book

President Bliss is handling a tricky situation with customary brio, but after months of ceaseless rain the city is sinking under the floods. The rich are safe on high ground, but the poor are getting damper in their packed tower blocks, and the fanatical ‘Last Days’ sect is recruiting thousands.
When at last the sun breaks through the clouds Lottie heads off to the opera, husband Harold listens to jazz and their ditsy teenage daughter Lola fights capitalism by bunking off school. Shirley takes her twin boys to the zoo. The Government – eager to detract attention from a foreign war it has waged – announces a spectacular City Gala. But not even TV astrologer Davey Lucas can predict the extraordinary climax that ensues.

Reviewed by Whitchurch Book Group:

We enjoyed the discussion – lots to say. However, it is the third book in a trilogy which none of us had realised until the meeting and explained the sketchy details. It would have been good to know.

Star rating: **

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  1. Review by Boaters Book Club:
    Most thought the book had an interesting concept but for some it was considered shallow, disjointed and depressing although it did reflect well mothers guilt and the current times, the foxes were fun. We thought there were too many characters. It would have been useful to know beforehand it was part of a series.
    Star rating: */**

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