Travels with my Aunt by Graham Greene

About the book

Henry Pulling, a retired bank manager, meets his septuagenarian Aunt Augusta for the first time in over fifty years at what he supposes to be his mother’s funeral. Soon after, she persuades Henry to abandon Southwood, his dahlias and the Major next door to travel her way, Brighton, Paris, Istanbul, Paraguay. Through Aunt Augusta, a veteran of Europe’s hotel bedrooms, Henry joins a shiftless, twilight society: mixing with hippies, war criminals, CIA men; smoking pot, breaking all the currency regulations and eventually coming alive after a dull suburban life. In Travels with my Aunt Graham Greene not only gives us intoxicating entertainment but also confronts us with some of the most perplexing of human dilemmas.

Reviewed by Museum Book Group:

A lively, witty and funny book. Beautifully drawn characters, one can really see them. The plots and settings are realistic and possibly drawn on Greene’s own experiences. The Greene novel was new to us all. General opinion – will be re-reading this.

Star rating: ****

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5 thoughts on “Travels with my Aunt by Graham Greene”

  1. Review by Morningtide WI Reading Group:
    An account of some rather unlikely characters soon after the Second World War. When published (1969) this book was considered funny, but not now by my group.
    Star rating: **

  2. Review by Boaters Book Club:
    Generally it was enjoyed especially the bizarre aspects, the characters and the anecdotes. It was considered very well written. However some found it repetitious and dated.
    Star rating: ***

  3. Review by Goodworth Clatford WI:
    A joy to read – entertaining. Well written, good English.
    Star rating: ****

  4. Review by Ems Valley U3A Book Club:
    Mostly enjoyed but found ultimately disappointing. Felt that Green got bored writing the second half. A good beginning and some good observations of characters.
    Star rating: **

  5. Review by Selborne Reading Circle:
    I shan’t be able to give a star rating for the group since opinions ranged from “I didn’t like it at all”. “The characters were more like caricatures”, to “Thoroughly enjoyed it; well written, properly structured and an Aunt who had had and was having lots of fun.
    No star rating:

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