Elizabeth and Leicester by Sarah Gristwood

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Almost immediately after she became queen, Elizabeth’s infatuation with the married Earl became the subject of letters from scandalized ambassadors. And when Dudley’s wife, Amy, died a mere two years later under suspicious circumstances many speculated that Elizabeth and Robert would marry. They never did, although by the time Robert died he had been Elizabeth’s councillor and commander of her army, had sat by her bed in sickness and represented her on state occasions. But she had also humiliated him, made him dance attendance on her other suitors, and tried to have him clapped in prison when he finally broke loose and married again. Elizabeth and Leicester is a portrait – at times a startlingly intimate one – of the tie between two of the people who forced their age; of a relationship where, unusually, a woman held all the power; of an edgy yet enduring love that still speaks to us today.

Reviewed by The Olive Tree Reading Group:

Well written, researched and a very balanced account. Almost storyline rather than biographical. Well liked. Excellent bibliography and page footnotes.

Star rating: ****

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1 thought on “Elizabeth and Leicester by Sarah Gristwood”

  1. Review by Newcomers
    Put aside a lot of time to read and digest. ALOT of facts (not all about Elizabeth and Leicester). Anecdotal book rather than fact.
    Star rating **

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