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The Innocent Man by John Grisham

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Ron Williamson was a star college sportsman in the small town of Ada, Oklahoma. When he left to pursue his dreams he seemed destined for glory. But years of injury, drinking, drugs and women took their toll, and he returned to Ada a lonely drifter. Soon after his homecoming, a local cocktail waitress was raped and murdered. With no immediate leads, the police worked the case for five years before arresting Williamson and charging him with her murder. Despite no physical evidence, and based largely on the testimony of jailhouse snitches, he was found guilty at trial and sent to death row. Left to await his fate, Williamson was the only person to know the terrible truth: that an innocent man had been sent on a journey to hell. A journey from which he might never return.

Reviewed by Wallington Village Reading Group:

Very scary. Put up my blood pressure. Hard to believe it is a recent true story. Guilty until proved innocent. Seems to be no review, fail safe checks. Frightening and no apology. Baseball statistics and background unnecessary. Made angry by the incompetence of the police, lawyers, judge. Very readable – like a case history.

Star rating: ***

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1 thought on “The Innocent Man by John Grisham”

  1. A harrowing narrative account of a miscarriage of justice which we could hardly believe in the 20th century could possibly happen. Not an easy read as the text is highly detailed but necessary for the account. A desperate indictment on the legal system in Oklahoma.
    *** 3 stars

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