Dona Nicanora's Hat Shop by Kirstan Hawkins

About the book

Surrounded by forest and reached only by a treacherous road, the sleepy South American town of Valle de la Virgen is almost unknown to the outside world. But after a silent stranger rolls in on the back of a pick-up truck, nothing is the same again. Life for the town’s inhabitants has not turned out as they once dreamed. Doña Nicanora never did escape the swamp town and travel the world, Don Bosco did not marry the woman he loved, and the mayor is yet to achieve the power and influence he craves. But it is not until the arrival of the mysterious foreigner, known only as Gringito, that their dreams start to be reawakened. Yet every dream must come at a price and the inhabitants of this sleepy little town are about to get more than they bargained for.

Reviewed by Stubbington Book Ends Reading Group:

A very enjoyable read. An excellent mix of believable characters – lots of humour, human themes – highly recommended.

Star rating: ****

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1 thought on “Dona Nicanora's Hat Shop by Kirstan Hawkins”

  1. Review by Shipton Bellinger WI Reading Group:
    Only half the group finished this book. Those who did found it an amusing tale of life in a South American village.
    Rating: 2 Stars

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