Holy Fools by Joanne Harris

About the book

In seventeenth-century France, against a backdrop of witch trials, regicide and religious frenzy, Juliette, one-time actress and rope-dancer, seeks refuge with her young daughter in the remote abbey of Saint Marie-de-la-Mer, and reinvents herself as Soeur Auguste. Until a new Abbess is appointed, bringing with her a ghost from Juliette’s past, a man she has every reason to fear.

Reviewed by Havers Reading Group:

A very well written book – uncomfortable and uneasy. Very strong characters. The shorter chapters increased the tension. Wonderful example of mind control and revenge. Also the power of love – a dark read.

Star rating: ****

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1 thought on “Holy Fools by Joanne Harris”

  1. Review by In-Sync Reading Group:
    Most members enjoyed it, but parts were very far fetched and unbelievable. The tightrope walking sequence at the end was a particular case in point.
    Star rating: no rating


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