Life after Lunch by Sarah Harrison

About the book

Laura and Susan have had a love/hate relationship since their schooldays. Laura presides hopefully over a large, unruly family as she approaches her silver wedding; Susan is exuberantly independent and a most spirited advocate of the single life. At their regular lunches they view each other with a mixture of deep affection and even deeper suspicion. But when the balance suddenly alters, the two friends are surprised to discover something new and potentially wonderful about . . . life after lunch.

Reviewed by Ladies of an Age Reading Group:

Not a great choice for a reading group – we felt it was quite predictable and so didn’t have much to discuss about it. Nothing wrong with the story, just more of a holiday read.

Star rating: *

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4 thoughts on “Life after Lunch by Sarah Harrison”

  1. Review by Hedge End WI Reading Group:
    Characters believable , many humorous incidents and conversations. Good discussion about need to have an affair just because marriage appears dull.
    Star rating: ***


  2. Review by North Baddesley WI Reading Group:
    Well constructed, interesting twists. Most people would not choose the book, but felt it was ‘all right’.
    Star rating: **+


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