The Wilderness by Samantha Harvey

About the book

It’s Jake’s birthday. He has lost his wife, his son is in prison and he is about to lose his past. Jake has Alzheimer’s. As the disease takes hold of him, the key events of his life shift, and what until recently seemed solid fact melts into surreal imaginings. Is his daughter alive or long dead? And why exactly is his son in prison? There was a cherry tree once, and a yellow dress, but what do they mean? Is there anything he’ll be able to salvage from the wreckage? From the first sentence to the last, The Wilderness holds us in its grip. This is writing of extraordinary power and beauty.

Reviewed by Stubbington Bookends Reading Group:

Mixed reactions to this book from group members. All found it difficult to get into and some didn’t ever get into it. Some questions are answered and some disappear in the fog, which we imagine is what it is like to have Alzheimer’s.

Star rating: **

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1 thought on “The Wilderness by Samantha Harvey”

  1. Review by Everton Reading Group:
    Not a popular book with anyone, partly because of the content and its rambling presentation. The style did nothing to engage the reader. A complex subject glossed over.
    Star rating: *


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