Arabella by Georgette Heyer

About the book

An enchanting debutante and the eldest daughter of an impoverished country parson, Arabella embarks on her first London season. Armed with beauty, virtue and a benevolent godmother (as well as a notoriously impetuous temper) she quickly runs afoul of Robert Beaumaris, the most eligible Nonpareil of the day. When he accuses her of being yet another pretty female after his wealth, Arabella allows herself to be provoked – into a deceitful charade that might have quite unexpected consequences…

Reviewed by Morning Tide WI Reading Group:

This is a happy book to read when you are feeling depressed. It tells the love story among the upper classes about 1750 and the historical details are correct. When she was writing Heyer’s books (over 50) were very popular, but my group , 50 years on, thought this book dull and boring.

Star rating: **

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