Nelson's Daughter by Miranda Hearn

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Alongside his brilliant naval career, Lady Hamilton was Nelson’s other great obsession, and this intimate portrait of their love affair illustrates how England’s most celebrated admiral was captivated by this vivacious, strong-minded and passionate woman, who began life in poverty yet rose to marry an aristocrat and to consort with kings. But it is the complex relationship between Horatia and the woman she believed was only her godmother that forms the heart of this poignant, absorbing novel. Shifting between the idyll of Horatia’s childhood before Nelson’s death at Trafalgar and the gloom of Emma’s Calais rooms nine years later, Nelson’s Daughter offers a vivid and beguiling vision of Nelson’s most personal legacy.

Reviewed by Accidental Reading Group:

All agreed it was a lost opportunity to tell what could have been a good story. Hopped around too much – confused. Characterisation very poor and sketchy.

Star rating: *

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3 thoughts on “Nelson's Daughter by Miranda Hearn”

  1. Review by Fordingbridge U3A Group 2:
    We did not like the way in which the narrative switches about in time. A vivid account of living with an alcoholic.
    Star rating: **

  2. Review by Wallington Village Reading Group:
    The best part was the epilogue! Very repetitive – no chronological order. The author had done her research but to what end? So much reported speech is it all true?! What information could be relied on? It did not flow, very confusing style, however, we did see Nelson in a different light.
    Star rating: *

  3. Review by Rapley Reading Group
    Having just heard about Emma Hamilton at a local history group (Uppark connection) I found this book very interesting. Others thought it too factual of places and were confused by names and timespan.
    Rating: ***

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