The Odyssey by Homer

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Homer’s The Odyssey is an epic that has endured for thousands of years, and this Penguin Classics edition is translated by E.V. Rieu, revised by D.C.H. Rieu, and contains an introduction by Peter Jones. The epic tale of Odysseus and his ten-year journey home after the Trojan war forms one of the earliest and greatest works of Western literature. Confronted by natural and supernatural threats – from the witch Circe who turns his men into pigs, to the twin terrors of Scylla and Charybdis; from the stupefied Lotus-Eaters to the implacable enmity of the sea-god Poseidon himself – Odysseus must test his bravery and native cunning to the full if he is to reach his homeland safely. But the danger is no less severe in his native Ithaca, as Odysseus finds himself contending with the suitors who, in his absence, have begun to surround his wife Penelope…

Reviewed by Boaters Book Club:

The groups was split; some really enjoyed it and found it a very good read. Others found it ponderous, boring and repetitious. Of note was the hospitality extended to strangers in ancient Greece. The stories were found to be interesting and the grotesque monsters and deformed creatures encountered by Odysseus very ‘Harry Potterish’.

Star rating: ***

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  1. Review by Bridewell Beauties Reading Group:
    Entertaining, graphic, thought provoking. Made for a good discussion.
    Star rating: **

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