Nocturne by Graham Hurley

About the book

Media graduate Julie Emerson is new to London, but London isn’t an easy city. An affair with her boss becomes all-consuming whilst her upstairs neighbour first alarms then terrifies her. Both men, in their separate ways, want all of her, at whatever cost.

Reviewed by Everton Reading Group:

A good read! A page turner which created interested and animated discussion. Not everyone “really” liked it. The issues of a woman in a man’s world and struggle for ‘powers’ prompted much thought.

Star rating: ** – ***

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3 thoughts on “Nocturne by Graham Hurley”

  1. Review by Denmead Reading Circle:
    Roughly 50 – 50 really liked book or found it rather predicable. Two didn’t finish reading and missed Gilbert – Tom character, pity – I liked it!
    Star rating: ***


  2. Review by Fawley/Holbury U3A Reading Group:
    We were rather ambivalent about this book. All but one of us completed it, and we all found it a very easy read. However, two of the Group thought it was very well written, with great characterisation and a good storyline, three thought that, although it was an enjoyable story, it was a bit nonsensical and far fetched, whilst the remaining two thought it was poorly written, had no empathy with the characters and found it completely unbelievable. We all felt that it was odd that the main character, Julie, would remain in a flat, living on her own, where the other occupant of the building obviously had severe mental issues – if he wasn’t completely psychopathic! This is what, for most of us, made the story unrealistic, although we accept that if she had moved out, there would be no story.
    Star rating: **


  3. Review by New Forest/Waterside U3A Theatre and Literature Reading group:
    A well scripted story, which demonstrated to our readers just how far the social norms have shifted during the past half century. What do they teach in university these days? Interesting that a male novelist should create such a confident woman involved with so many flawed men. In the end she quite clearly had to produce a daughter. Economically drawn characters and believable dialogue.
    Star rating: ***


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