Gigi and the Cat by Colette

About the book

GIGI TRANSLATED BY ROGER SENHOUSE, THE CAT TRANSLATED BY ANTONIA WHITE. Gigi’s days are filled with cigars, lobster, lace and superstitions: the education of a future courtesan. Bored and unconvinced by what she’s taught, Gigi surprises all with her approach to love. In this classic turn-of-the-century novella, Colette unveils Gigi’s journey into womanhood in rich and supple prose.

Reviewed by Morningtide WI Reading Group:

A light read but no real substance. The cat was worth discussing and all agreed the cat was interesting.

Star rating: *

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1 thought on “Gigi and the Cat by Colette”

  1. Review by Denmead Reading Group
    We all liked “Gigi” but found “The Cat” rather sinister and not enjoyable. However we thought the writing unbelievably modern for the early 20th century, especially “The Cat”. Could be Hitchcock.
    Rating: ***

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