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Everything and Nothing by Araminta Hall

About the book

A family near breaking point hire a nanny with secrets of her own in this gripping novel from an exciting new talent. On the surface, Ruth and Christian seem like an ordinary working couple with two kids – and a home in chaos. As the cracks in their marriage widen, they decide to get their very own super-nanny, Aggie. Quietly efficient, she brings calm and order, and the children adore her. But why is Aggie so eager to gain their trust? Is there something sinister about her efforts to create the perfect family? And what is she really doing in their home? ‘Everything and Nothing’ builds to a mesmerising climax in a story that is, at its heart, about thwarted and damaged love.

Reviewed by CC Readers Group:

A very ‘modern’ novel, written well and which became a comprehensive read. Reflected people today, especially working mothers, and all the problems of a hectic life. Shows the misunderstandings that develop between men and women. The ending was a little sudden and some readers wanted further news of how the characters proceeded.

Star rating: ***

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1 thought on “Everything and Nothing by Araminta Hall”

  1. Review by Alton Library Thursday Group
    Provoked alot of discussion on the role of parents and the use of nannies/au pairs. It was more of a modern tale with hints of suspense. The complications of expectations, relationships, work etc. raised many issues.
    Star rating: ***


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