The Greatcoat by Helen Dunmore

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In the winter of 1952, Isabel Carey moves to the East Riding of Yorkshire with her husband Philip, a GP. With Philip spending long hours on call, Isabel finds herself isolated and lonely as she strives to adjust to the realities of married life. Woken by intense cold one night, she discovers an old RAF greatcoat hidden in the back of a cupboard. Sleeping under it for warmth, she starts to dream. And not long afterwards, while her husband is out, she is startled by a knock at her window. Outside is a young RAF pilot, waiting to come in. His name is Alec, and his powerful presence both disturbs and excites her. Her initial alarm soon fades, and they begin an intense affair. But nothing has prepared her for the truth about Alec’s life, nor the impact it will have on hers …

Reviewed by Lymington U3A Reading Group:

Imaginitive,¬†well written and researched. Evocative of the post war living conditions of life of the air men, but did go beyond belief. Gave us a lot to discuss on “what would i have done/felt”.

Star rating: **-***

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  1. Review by Bridewell Beauties
    Divided opinions, soem enjoyed but others far less. Very atmospheric and varying intepretations of the story. Differing opinions as to whetehr it is a ghost story or pycho drama.

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