Death in Holy Orders by P D James

About the book

When the body of a theology student is found on a desolate stretch of coast in East Anglia, his wealthy father demands that Scotland Yard should re-examine the verdict of accidental death. Commander Adam Dalgliesh agrees to pay a visit to the young man’s theological college, St Anselm’s, a place he knew as a boy, expecting no more than a nostalgic return to old haunts and a straightforward examination of the evidence. Instead he finds himself embroiled in intrigue, secrets and mystery as the college is torn apart by a sacrilegious and horrifying murder . . .

Reviewed by Bookends

Very mixed response. Few felt too many troubled characters, dark miserable setting. Others thoroughly enjoyed – good mix of characters. ‘A real page turner’.
Star rating ***

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4 thoughts on “Death in Holy Orders by P D James”

  1. Reviewed by WI Read Group Hedge End
    First read by half group of this author. Accepted the descriptions were very good but half the group considered it very involved and had difficulty in recalling who is who. A surprise realisation; the group spent all the discussion in discussing the writings, no one mentioned individual characters. This is a complete reversal to norm.
    star rating ***


  2. Reviewed by In Sync
    Not a very interesting setting. Members didn’t believe in the characters or in the murderer’s reasons for doing the deed. Not very gripping, not as good as her other books. Well written, language good.
    Star rating *


  3. Reviewed by Liss Book Club
    A very good read. Perhaps too much repetition of detail. Good characters and good dialogue.
    Star rating ***


  4. Review by Itchen Reading Group
    This thriller is set in an Anglican seminary situated on a remote clifftop. Everyone enjoyed the book and saw it as a very good novel as well as a thriller. It is very well written by an author who has a vast experience of life and understands people and thier motivation. It provoked a long, interesting discussion which is what book groups are all about.
    Star rating: ****


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