The Lighthouse by P D James

About the book

Combe Island off the Cornish coast offers rest and seclusion to over-stressed professionals who have paid the price of getting to the top. But when one of these distinguished visitors is found hanging from the top of the island’s lighthouse, murder – not suicide – is suspected.
Commander Adam Dalgliesh and his team are immediately called in: the investigation must be swift, discreet, decisive. However, Dalgliesh has his work cut out, since both residents and visitors to Combe Island guard their privacy well – even when murder makes them a suspect. Does the islanders’ reticence betray a knowledge of the crime? Another death and Dalgliesh’s own life in danger throws the entire investigation into jeopardy . . .

Reviewed by Southsea Literature

More that ‘just’ a detective story. We finished with respect for James’ command of language, structuring technique and phrasing. The novel is notable for its descriptions of the sea and the night sky; the sea, in fact, is as much a character as any described therein. James’ views on the role of women in society threads through the novel. All in all the book and its author gave much material for wide ranging discussions.
Star rating ****

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3 thoughts on “The Lighthouse by P D James”

  1. Reviewed by Enjoying Books
    We have different taste in books and yet we all really enjoyed it. A classy whodunit – improved our vocabulary. We all were on tender hooks as to the murderer – it was a real page turner. An excellent read.
    Star rating ****


  2. General concensus was that this was an easy ‘whodunnit’. The group enjoyed it, two found it very good and enjoyed the characters and descriptive text. Unsure about the Adam Dalgleish revelation on ‘waking up’. We would all read PD James again.


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