Three Men in a Boat by Jerome K Jerome

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“Three Men in a Boat” is the story of three Englishman who pile into a boat with food, clothes, and a fox terrier named Montmorency and set off on the Thames to see the English countryside. “Three Men in a Boat” is a first-class comic masterpiece. As the three well-to-do upper class gentleman set out on their excursion they are beset by a series of comic mishaps.

Reviewed by Shipton Bellinger W I

Everyone enjoyed some aspect of this book, it made many laugh out loud whilst others were delighted with the Thames side descriptions. We are all ‘off’ to see Marlow.
Star rating ****

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10 thoughts on “Three Men in a Boat by Jerome K Jerome”

  1. Reviewed by Everton reading group
    A book which gives great pleasure, timeless and light-hearted. Real ‘innocent’ fun. Enjoyed by the whole group – who revisited it in some cases. Stands the test of time!
    Star rating ****

  2. Review
    Very much enjoyed by all. It provoked a lot of discussion, reading out of funny passages etc. We thought the introduction was excellent and an insight into a changing era which benefited the working classes in an unexpected way.

  3. Reviewed by Hedge End WI
    Three loved this book, the others accepted there were wonderful cameos especially the dog meeting the cat. Historical interests very good with so much information about the river and environs. A slightly dated humour but oh the innocence of life – sad it has gone.
    Star rating ***

  4. Reviewed by Hawkley Book Group
    A mixed reception from the group, did not meet many expectations. Captured the spirit of the age.
    Star rating **

  5. Reviewed by New Forest/Waterside U3A theatre and literacy
    The book prompted an unexpected level of discussion and clear divisions of opinion, though almost without exception readers found something with which they could identify, find pleasing, be appalled or find boring. People familiar with the Thames loved the travelogue, and the historically minded enjoyed the slanted views of the history. The attitude to the drowned woman, and to the Germans would have been distasteful had it not pointed-up how attitudes have altered over the century since the book was written (and how they have not changed). Some found the style too dated, not easy to read and the jokes infantile; while for others the book provided a light-hearted read. All agreed the late Victorian ‘clerking classes’ as portrayed were remarkably naive but warmed to Montmorency. The introduction was invaluable.
    Star rating ***

  6. Reviewed by Gosport Bookworms
    This book was enjoyed by all the group for its sly deprecating wit, occasional laugh-out-loud incidents and its revelation that Victorian England is not all that different from today’s society in many ways. Pretension, late trams, unopenable cans! A bit of light relief on one level but a lovely piece of social observation.
    Star rating ****

  7. Reviewed by Phoenix
    The group was split, those who enjoyed it loved the anecdotes of the travellers, the descriptions of the places they went to and the dog’s adventures. A very humorous story with insights into the lives of the emergent lower middle classes.
    Star rating ***

  8. Reviewed by Alton Library
    Group was divided in comments. Most people found parts amusing. Appreciated it was of its time and style. Interested to see the contrast with other literature of its time. Can understand why it was a best seller at the time.
    Star rating ***

  9. Some readers found the characters naive and even distastful. Most found some sections of the book quite funny. We enjoyed the travelog and historical details that brought the Thames river to lef. There were some lyrical descriptions of river scenes. Some observations of people and situations were quite deep. The book stimulated a lively discussion especially around the cultural views and behaviours which differed so much from today. We gave it an average of 4 stars.

  10. Review by Sheet WI
    Some disliked it very much, overdone, stupid, ridiculous, but others enjoyed it very much and laughed out loud.
    Star rating: none given

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