Can You Keep a Secret? by Sophie Kinsella

About the book

Emma is sitting on a turbulent plane. She’s always been a v. nervous flyer. She really thinks that this could be her last moment. So, naturally enough, she starts telling the man sitting next to her – quite a dishy American, but she’s too frightened to notice -all her innermost secrets. How she scans the backs of intellectual books and pretends she’s read them. How she does her hair up like Princess Leia in her bedroom. How she’s not sure if she has a G-spot, and whether her boyfriend could find it anyway. How she feels like a fraud at work – everyone uses the word ‘operational’ all the time but she hasn’t a clue what it means. How the coffee at work is horrible. How she once threw a troublesome client file in the bin. If ever there was a bare soul, it’s hers.
She survives the flight, of course, and the next morning the famous founding boss of the whole mega corporation she works for is coming for a look at the UK branch. As he walks around, Emma looks up and realises…
It’s the man from the plane.
What will he do with her secrets? He knows them all – but she doesn’t know a single one of his. Or… does she?

Reviewed by Anton Bookies Reading Group

This book is “Chick lit” in a word, A light hearted humorous and easy read, and a bit of nonsense. It is a good one for a holiday read if that’s what takes your fancy.. Emma’s character is not really believable, and the plot is rather predictable and shallow. Most of the group felt they would not read another book by this author.
Star rating **

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2 thoughts on “Can You Keep a Secret? by Sophie Kinsella”

  1. Review
    An easy, light-hearted, humorous read. Can be taken at face value. A bit of fun. Good one to curl up with on the sett with a bag of pick and mix sweeties. Has put us off G-strings.
    Star rating ***


  2. Review by Waterside Phoenix reading group:
    Our group received this book knowing that it had been reviewed as ‘chick lit’ and out of curiosity since it has not been previously considered. If you adopt a willing suspense of disbelief and don’t become too impatient with Emma the main character, this is quite a good quick read. One member suggests “a plane flight from Glasgow to London would be long enough to read the book”. The plot is so basic; man meets girl dada didda didda…. But the writing is so good that the story just rolls along. This read engendered a long and interesting discussion about social norms.
    Star rating: **


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