The Impressionist by Hari Kunzru

About the book

In India, at the birth of the last century, an infant is brought howling into the world, his remarkable paleness marking him out from his brown-skinned fellows. Revered at first, he is later cast out from his wealthy home when his true parentage is revealed. So begins Pran Nath’s odyssey of self-discovery – a journey that will take him from the streets of Agra, via the red light district of Bombay, to the brick cloisters of Oxford and beyond – as he struggles to understand who he really is.

Reviewed by The Benches Reading Group

We were unanimous with our praise of the first novel by Kunzru. Messages we thought that the author was trying to convey (and quite successfully), were subtly hidden in humour and in incongruous settings so avoiding rigid and confrontational and divisive arguments. Would make an excellent film.
Star rating ****

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